What I'm doing right now...

My blog talks a little about some of my interests and happenings, but doesn't describe what I'm actually doing day-to-day. I aim to update this page relatively frequently to tell you what I'm currently up to in and outside of work.

Last updated: 10th February 2024

  • Excitedly preparing for the arrival of our baby son in early June.
  • Celebrating 1 year at Booking.com, where I'm continuing to help improve developer experience for teams across the company.
  • Travelling very often to Amsterdam, London or Manchester with work.
  • After a long think, moving away from Jenkins and slowly migrating all of my public and private projects to GitHub Actions.
  • Thinking long and hard whether I want to give up either of my cars when our baby arrives, or whether we can live with a 3-door car.
  • Planning for a bit of a refresh on the Civic, which needs a rear axle, some top suspension mounts and some cosmetic improvements.
  • Using the Discovery more often as it's hit a period of reliability, epsecially to haul things and park at the airport.
  • Not playing much in the way of games these days, although I was enjoying Skyrim for a while.
  • Planning for our new kitchen, which we have a very strict time limit on before baby arrives.

This page was inspired by Martin Underhill's Now Page and Derek Siver's nownownow.com.