What I'm doing right now...

My blog talks a little about some of my interests and happenings, but doesn't describe what I'm actually doing day-to-day. I aim to update this page relatively frequently to tell you what I'm currently up to in and outside of work.

Last updated: 18th May 2023

  • After 3 months I've now settled in my role as principal software engineer at Booking.com where I'm working with multiple teams to improve developer experience across the company.
  • My (still secret) side project continues, although I've not had as much time to spend on it recently.
  • My habits have slipped somewhat, although I'm right in the middle of a diet after spending the last few weeks frequently eating out while working away.
  • Still enjoying driving the Civic Type-R as the main car, although there are now a couple of cosmetic fixes it needs. The MOT is rapidly approaching...
  • The Discovery was back, briefly, and then developed a catastrophic coolant leak. It's in the garage having that rectified this week, which will include a new head gasket.
  • I've moved away from GitHub Actions and back to Jenkins, building out a new workflow to save money in AWS while providing the same convenience I want when playing with personal projects. A blog post is coming soon...
  • Playing the occasional bit of GTA Online and Goldeneye 007 on the Switch recently, while resisting buying Tears of the Kingdom.
  • Taking a break from house renovations after completing the first floor rooms, although we'll be starting on the ground floor shortly.

This page was inspired by Martin Underhill's Now Page and Derek Siver's nownownow.com.