From Zero to Production in Azure with Terraform

Posted on Sunday March 13, 2022

Terraform and Azure Logos

After recent adventures in tackling Azure from the ground up with only AWS experience on hand, it's time to walk through some of the pros, some of the gotchas, and how to practically build a production-ready Kubernetes stack in Azure using Terraform.

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Go With Docker

Posted on Sunday February 6, 2022

Docker Whale with a Gopher

I explain how to use Docker with my a simple web server in Go, how that can be integrated that into a build pipeline in Jenkins to illustrate test results and code coverage.

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Using Terraform and Ansible

Posted on Saturday January 15, 2022

Terraform and Ansible Logos

A guide to coupling a few using infrastructure as code and configuaration tools together to provide an effective, repeatable pattern for building instances both locally and remotely.

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Motivation for Side Projects

Posted on Saturday January 8, 2022

Mr. Motivator

A few ideas I've used over the years when working on projects outside of the day job, and how I try and stay motivated as I build them.

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