PKM: How I Organise Myself

Posted on Sunday September 17, 2023

Writing Notes with a Pen

PKM (personal knowledge management) is something I started in my last position and have continued at my latest job. I use it to track everything I'm learning and doing, reviewing how my personal growth is being impacted on a frequent basis too so I can make changes that improve my performance day-to-day. It sounds extreme, but it doesn't take too much time.

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Saving Money With AWS Lambdas

Posted on Sunday July 23, 2023

AWS Billing Dashboard

I host this website and my Jenkins setup on AWS, and have detailed in the past how I automate the setup of this. However, running an EC2 24/7 to handle occasional CI builds for personal projects didn't seem like the best idea, and I wanted to see if I could save money by thinking the process through a bit. This explains how I used AWS lambdas to automate the started of an EC2 through the AWS CLI, and how to set this up within GitHub and Jenkins to drop your single EC2 instance bill by around 90-95%.

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DevHub North - Tesco Bank Technology

Posted on Friday November 18, 2022

Jamie Presenting at DevHub North

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to speak at the first DevHub North post-pandemic about the journey so far at Tesco Bank Technology, and how far we've come in a few years.

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My Car History - Part 3

Posted on Monday August 22, 2022

Land Rover Defender and Ford Fiesta at John O'Groats

Or the tale of two Land Rover Discoverys... The final part of my car history, including what I'm driving around in today (correct as of August 2022).

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My Car History - Part 2

Posted on Monday August 15, 2022

Ford Pumas in front of the Angel of the North at Sunset

Continuing the last post, part 2 details some newer cars when I was having a little more of a "sensible" period, but that didn't last long...

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My Car History

Posted on Sunday August 7, 2022

Ford Capri Model - a car I'd like to own one day

Since I started driving in 2007 I seem to have run through quite a few cars, and more than anything I wanted to get a little bit written on them in one place. I've had 14 cars over the years, 2 of which I still have. I tend to change them fairly often, but some I keep longer than others if I form a bit more of an affinity with them. Anyway, I thought a run through what I've had might be interesting for someone at the very least.

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Automated Version Releases

Posted on Thursday June 2, 2022

Example of Semantic Versioning

Choosing the next version for your application or side-project can be a tricky process - when you do increase your major version, and what if your patch number is getting a little high? v1.0.0 looks a lot better than v0.1.567 but what's the best approach? I wanted a way of calculating the version automatically using commit messages and built some generic Groovy scripts that can be used in Jenkins builds to increment a version automatically when I merge a PR or push straight to main. This shows the code samples I've put together and how I've been using this privately up until now.

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From Zero to Production in Azure with Terraform

Posted on Sunday March 13, 2022

Terraform and Azure Logos

After recent adventures in tackling Azure from the ground up with only AWS experience on hand, it's time to walk through some of the pros, some of the gotchas, and how to practically build a production-ready Kubernetes stack in Azure using Terraform.

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Go With Docker

Posted on Sunday February 6, 2022

Docker Whale with a Gopher

I explain how to use Docker with my a simple web server in Go, how that can be integrated that into a build pipeline in Jenkins to illustrate test results and code coverage.

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Using Terraform and Ansible

Posted on Saturday January 15, 2022

Terraform and Ansible Logos

A guide to coupling a few using infrastructure as code and configuaration tools together to provide an effective, repeatable pattern for building instances both locally and remotely.

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